Career Goal: Own A Popular Magazine...And Use It to Do Good!

Why an entertainment magazine when magazines are dying? Other than I would slash a budget and know how to run one better with all of my professional journalism experience?

Remember that scene from Boogie Nights when the bank would not lend a man money for his store because he had been a porn actor? That is my reality…without being a porn actor. It is the reality of discrimination against people who need day job income as models, actors in mainstream TV and film work, screenwriters, behind the scenes film folks, artists, cartoonists, and others. People at “normal jobs” with the power to employ us always look at us and deem us “inappropriate.” Either we ought to remain unemployed, live off our families, get married to rich men/women to support our dreams, or work part time jobs at places like Forever 21 stores. Please note in my saying this, I have met porn actors and actresses who look just like you and me on their days off, human, and I do not believe they should be discriminated against in their quests for day jobs either.

When I am not dealing with female freelancer job discrimination, I have to hear people questioning why someone with film/music ambitions wants to work at their magazine(s). It is unfair. Number one, I did not spend all of my life working towards journalism goals to not do journalism. Journalism is a stupendous means of reaching people. It is how I am reaching you right now with you reading this. Using your voice in writing or via video interviewing people or bringing attention to something is entertaining and sometimes, like today, useful.

my Twitter account this morning, @nicrussin

my Twitter account this morning, @nicrussin

I know what it it is like all my adult life to be discriminated against because I love film and music and want to do that with my life. Ironically, all the time people declare me “inappropriate,” I get treated like people in the olden days of porn unable to do anything…when my whole act is about dressing modestly in entertainment world scenarios where people meet me and see me, wanting to be more like the male film directors I wish I were like.

more off Twitter from today

more off Twitter from today

Others can have utter profanity and party pictures on social media. Double standards, much? They can do whatever they want. I get judged harder because I happen to do non-journalism “inappropriate” things like children’s cartoons! Composing! Oh no, I acted in a cartoon in English and German and now people can see it on their TVs! The horror! She likes writing classical music!

Things take time. Yeah, people might stop you from getting that corporate world job you deserve because you have a master’s in theater. Or me. They stop me often from working at magazines interviewing amazing sources I could get time with easily…because I have an IMDb page and have done legit modeling in NYC with agencies. Oh no.

When it isn’t this, I deal with editors not wanting me to do things like investigating sexual abuse against men in Hollywood who often report things but don’t get taken seriously, or seeking cases of minorities and foreign actors being discriminated against for big auditions and other acting gigs that all go to, shocker, Americans who look a certain way. Editors don’t want strong women in articles who speak about things besides makeup and what brands of clothes they shop for. Nothing wrong with shopping, please, I love makeup. But there is more to life. And editors don’t want to publish it.

What can and WILL happen: in the future, you and I can make positive changes. You can buy a business and hire actors, rappers, musicians, screenwriters, all these people facing discrimination. Someday when I am Peter Jackson level loaded from my filmmaking, $1 billion+ in the bank, I want to buy at least one magazine. They will be cheaper then. Magazines are failing in 2019 right now because people prioritize stupid articles like how someone gets ready for the Met over substance or industry issues people want to read about.

Nobody but people making it one day at a time in Hollywood can write about Hollywood with passion. Nobody but someone hustling to make it on Broadway knows about issues facing the Broadway community. Magazines don’t understand this. Many of us are people at every level of success, A to D list and the Z lister newbies waiting tables as they try to make it or collecting unemployment checks as our college degrees sit in boxes. Nobody but someone like me can text someone on a weekend and get the scoop. True story from earlier this year. I offered some magazines, “A big deal person is going to win an Oscar! I know it! I could text someone and get an interview with that person ASAP for you on Oscar night!” Nobody went for it.

I want to own a magazine where people at every level of making it in the entertainment industry will always have a job. An attitude like, “Other places may have discriminated against you. You will always be safe here. You can always write an article, clean a window, deliver food for us, be an editor, whatever it takes. I will find something for you so you will have income this month.”

I want a staff of people who actually care about the entertainment industry writing about it. People who can interview a Brad Pitt or tomorrow’s Brad Pitt with a few phone calls. People reviewing film and TV who know what is like actually making a movie and have more experience of recognizing good movies and TV shows. Or at worst, knowing when something is a guilty pleasure film or show!

I can if I am a big deal filmmaker use my wealth to better things for people who don’t deserve this discrimination. People with college degrees shouldn’t be waiting tables or be depressed selling everything they own on eBay when they might want to keep sentimental possessions. People should not see their hours at a store cut because someone in corporate found out they are actors and reduce them to part time. Or be like one guy I know of whose bosses told the corporate headquarters he was in entertainment. They fired him from the chain retail store because he was interviewed about his craft in a publication.

I want a magazine where I will always create work to help those in need and hire people who have made it too.

This dream is a long way away. I am sloppy right now writing this like, half dictating everything haha. Twitter chatting about it on my @nicrussin account brought me to write about this goal in my diary today. My crimes are I love kawaii animation, classical/film music, Top 40 music, special effects, filmmaking, and film and music overall and want to be a part of it. I once modeled in NYC because it gave me an excuse to network with people and possibly, or so I thought, break into the film industry (it didn’t). What horrible crimes. Surely the work of the immoral. Ridiculous. And it is ridiculous you out there as actors and other Hollywood type jobs are being discriminated against in your quest for day jobs.

Well…! The day I have a magazine, this will all be ended! As the saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change takes time and money. Power. But when you have those things, use them to help others. I will.

MEAN PEOPLE STOPPING ME FROM JOURNALISM WORK=TEMPORARY! I will win in the long run and take all of you along with me on the ride when I can do these amazing things!

xoxo, Nic

Write it, dream it, then do it.

About the career goals section of my diary: big or small, the first step to achieving your career goals is writing them down. I am sharing all of my career goals with the world. Let’s see when they come true!