Career Goal: Have My Own Barbie

Isn’t having your own Barbie everyone’s dream?

You are never too old to wish you had a Barbie made in your honor. Mine might take decades. Or never.

Right after having a shelf full of Oscars, the ultimate you know you’ve made it career milestone is a Barbie made to look like you, with little activity sets and outfits based on you. I have wanted my own Barbie since as long as I can remember.

In a perfect world, my Barbie would come with filmmaking things, film score composing things, and several outfit changes. She would look like the Made to Move redhead workout Barbie with thicker eyebrows, a drop more brown to make the auburn a true “dusty auburn,” a mild change here and there, maybe a curvier shape like a violin type body hourglassy but a pinch more bottom heavy, and facial changes like a different nose because honestly mine falls into my upper lip when I smile like the letter L.

barbie face.jpeg

Accessories for my Barbie could be…

A music stand with sheet music and a conductor’s stick called a baton! A director’s clapperboard? Animation computer? Special FX tools? Practical FX tools? All of this? You must include the music tools, Mattel, and at minimum, the director’s clapperboard. I will settle for nothing less. My Barbie will make blockbuster movies and scores to them.

Outfits like a boring Midwestern girl sweater and jeans set with sneakers or pump style heels and one beautiful wool style coat, red carpet outfit based on 1950’s movie stars, and one red carpet outfit like me wearing a blazer and tie with a skirt and some super fun over the knee boots.

Hey, can I have fun? This is a fantasy world where I already have at least two Oscars for composing and film directing, won in the same night. Maybe a Best Picture as my third. Mattel called a minute ago demanding I have design ideas on the spot.

Realistically, as I said, having my own Barbie might take decades. Maybe I’m wrong here. Being alive while they have a Barbie in my honor would be nice. A posthumous Barbie does happen, doesn’t it? How do you enjoy the honor beyond the grave? No way. Must happen while alive.

Write it, dream it, then do it.

About the career goals section of my diary: big or small, the first step to achieving your career goals is writing them down. I am sharing all of my career goals with the world. Let’s see when they come true!