Class #19: Stop Motion Part 1 (Stan Winston School Diary #15)

This course marks my completion of the Puppet Making Basics Pathway!

What it does NOT mark: the completion of a stop motion movie. The course is my first lesson of over a handful from Stan Winston School in stop motion animation. You do not one day pick up and decide to make stop motion animated works. You go through a process slowly for the info to submerge into your brain. Learning! If only we learned overnight.

In the ever fascinating part one of these stop motion classes, the Chiodo Brothers who made Elf’s funny stop motion sequences when Buddy leaves the North Pole build a zombie stop motion puppet. This course is OVER SIX AND A HALF HOURS LONG. You probably need to split it into more than one viewing session unless you have the attention span of a hungry blue jay out for worms all morning.

You start from the very beginning. After enough classes, you catch on. We begin somewhat like the Garage Monsters method of building feet, fingers, hands, and toes on the lizard. Repeating myself again, we go back to the animation 3D model skeleton build-up if you are familiar with 3D, done on a live puppet.


If you do’t pay any attention at all, yes, you WILL LEARN! These courses are informative and useful.

I plan on a stop motion animated short film in my schedule probably next spring once I complete all of these classes and know what I am doing at minimum, 25 percent.