Review: NOVA's "Bird Brain"

The PBS show Nova is adding some material onto Netflix. No more “viewers like you!” peddling. About 45 minutes straight of quality science! A dream come true!

Feeding birds, and watching them, is a pastime of mine. Before tuning into Bird Brain, I was well aware how birds love their nuts. The Bird Brain theme: birds are smart. VERY. VERY. VERY. VERY. Very, very, very smart. They train on puzzles teased by their desire for wanting to eat that little peanut/walnut. Rinse and repeat.

Bird lovers will watch it for the bird visuals. But it isn’t all peanuts and puzzles. The scientists learn about birds recognizing predators, hiding treasures that are not food, how they hide their goodies differently from strangers, how they interact in groups, and their memory processes.

Bird Brain was a surprising mental feast for me, bored by some of the dumb stuff available on streaming.