Class #16: 3D Storyboarding (Stan Winston School Diary #13)

Before this class, I had never storyboarded. And, I had never animated or designed anything using 3D software. Guess what happened from all of that? Martians Take Belfast!, the short film I created from this lesson’s learning, is the first 3D animated work I have ever made. Prior to this, it was all 2D work. Awesomeness.

3D storyboarding is like 2D storyboarding, sort of.

What is different, as far as I can tell from not having taken the 2D storyboarding class yet: you have to pop in models of people/animals, structures, and any backgrounds. Use transparent 2D images if you like woven into the 3D!

The lesson is taught by Suicide Squad’s Andrés “Drew” Garcia-Price as a straight how to on any 3D program. He recommends AutoDesk Maya or Blender, and I can tell you a few professional FX people do use Blender. Don’t knock it because of the free software. Blender is like the Windows vs. Mac argument. You might like both or have a fav.

Playing around with 3D software if you feel confused by the video is OK because YouTube has plenty of tutorials on both programs, unofficially and officially.

“Why should I learn storyboarding?”

• To be a storyboard artist.

• To get well acquainted with 3D software as a future FX designer.

• To be a better film director. Storyboarding your own material, or collaborating with the storyboard artist(s) of your choice, is your goal.

“Can I watch your short film?”


Edit: August 4, 2019. As of today, this film is available on Amazon Prime in the USA, UK, and Germany.

Martians Take Belfast! is available worldwide for YouTube viewers. Click play below and grab your popcorn!