FAQ: How did you come up with the branding name "CinematNIC?"

My performing rights organization as a songwriter/composer is BMI. In addition to registering as a writer, I wanted to register as a music publisher. As a music publisher, I can publish and manage music rights for my film music I collaborate on with other people and publish music if ever I want to write/produce work for any singers.

BMI makes you submit three different suggested names for your music publisher name. My first suggestion after thinking for a few minutes was, “What if we did Nicole or Nic “nic-names? Fun! OK, hmmm, hmmmm. A-ha! CinematNIC!” The second was a play on my last name similar to “From Russin With Love Music.” The third? Don’t remember. The process was a few minutes of my time tops.

A short time later, I received an e-mail telling me BMI had created my music publisher info. I was now “Cinemat Nic Music,” space included. Nice! A small blip in time suddenly looked to me like the coolest branding terminology you could wish for. Why not use it for a podcast? Work it into my YouTube channel? “Be CinematNIC” everywhere as my branding catchphrase?

People started remembering the phrase connecting it with me. Hey, it worked!