Class #14: Production Design (Stan Winston School Diary #11)

If you only follow along with this lesson for one reason, it is the look book.

Similar to makeup artists, hairdressers and models, filmmakers seeking investors need a script, film poster, and look book. The look book must be done right for success. Remember, what is cool about Stan Winston School classes is the year (or however long you do it) will give you skills to earn money doing something you love. Thank goodness. My university experience didn’t teach me the how to’s on making money doing something I loved or hated.

A look book gets you hired or unemployed. Want funding? Pay attention to what they say and take good notes! An agent can get you so far in life. It’s on you to prove you are a filmmaker worth financing.

The duo teaching this lesson, Jabbar Raisani of Game of Thrones and Eddie Yang of Avatar, paired up for their own sci fi film, Alien Outpost. This lesson starts and end so with rhe details of getting the film, shot in South Africa on a $5 million budget, made from pre to post-production.

You’ll see how skills you should be picking up from other classes with hands on and digital FX are coming together. These gentlemen designed their own film world with visuals, visuals, visuals. As one said, more or less, when you give the crew words without visuals, you risk them missing what you want. With visuals, they know exactly everything you need.

For all of my future filmmaking live action and not, I intend to get involved with these basic design elements for the sets, creatures if any, and well, all of it. I am grateful for all of these ideas coming at me through these courses.

Between the steps, you get the location scouting and other elements you might enjoy of behind the scenes iTunes film extras. A semester of a basic filmmaking class in a relaxing, time saving quick single afternoon viewed with your fav tea. Not bad!

For my 3D storyboarding, I am finishing up some music on my short film and can’t wait to share it. Hang on!