Classes #5-7: How to Make a Foam Puppet (Stan Winston School Diary #5)

May we begin by explaining I until now never made a puppet in my life? 

These classes cover several types of puppet making rolling into one seminar bundle. My notes on the other kinds aren’t finished yet. Only muffins. You go that far into everything with the coursework.

My muffin puppet was supposed to look like this. 


Things are bound to happen. Michaels doesn’t sell that shade of paint. My supplies came in multiple boxes on different days. Home Depot didn’t have everything I needed, like foam. LA’s Foam Mart store took the odd choice of Thursday and Friday off after Easter break, therefore ordering foam from my slow poke craft store pal Michaels was my only choice with the outrageous foam prices online. My supplies arrived by camel. At last!

I deserve an A+++++++ million times over for my foam muffin shaping. Look at the big square foam pad and at my muffin. Tell me you aren’t amazed by the fine work I did.  My knuckles were roughed up by the Home Depot scissors and tools in the process. Big deal! I know what I’m doing like a puppet pro! I can do this in my sleep!


Ha! I can conquer any task! Right? No. Because after I spray painted it out to dry outside, confronting an angry bumblebee oddly drawn to eating the muffin’s paint...


 ...when I flipped it over where I thought it was dry, my muffin parts had a wardrobe malfunction, or I suppose, a baking accident in the oven. The muffin’s paint stuck on some cardboard I didn’t want to slice off because it would destroy my puppet’s outline.


My decision: hide the nasty cardboard stuff with the mouth compartment. 

Some eyeballs out of my new operating room as a black market ophthalmologist, I mean, bag filled with newly bought craft eyes, gave the muffin a cute expression and far superior vision to my own eyesight. Indeed! Like my muse, Ryan Reynolds, my muffin puppet has a handsome smile, spiky hairdo, and five eyeballs. 


My spray paint needed less for sure. OK, sorry. I was unaware my foam wouldn’t absorb all of it as intended. The dude came off slightly tie dyed. Give me credit for my creativity and muffin shaping!  First puppet ever!


This three class series, and some of my future Stan Winston School puppet classes are taught by BJ Guyer of Puppet Design Studio. Mr. Guyer has worked on Crank Yankers  and some Muppets  you may know of.

A full attention span and solid note taking are musts for the classes. I need to go back reviewing some material like other kinds of paints or puppet shaping. Getting the hang of a new skill like this is important because next up if you enroll with Stan Winston classes, you’ll be building more complicated puppet-based creatures and puppets. Study hard! Practice makes perfect!

Until then, you may see my Ryan Reynolds muffin puppet playing a Deadpool  stunt double. You never know. The resemblance is uncanny.