Was "Smallfoot" A Pixar Rejection?

The Yeti animated CGI film Smallfoot hit HBO last week. Did any of you watch it? Did any of you feel, like me, this has the vibe of a Pixar movie made by someone else? My gut tells me, Smallfoot must have been pitched to, and rejected by, Pixar.

The opening is a big musical number with Pixar smiles. The plot: a Yeti sees a human “smallfoot,” befriends him, and has to convince the Yeti town humans are real! On Jeopardy, you might say, “Pixar for $500.” Or, was it written to be in the style of Pixar? Either way, Smallfoot doesn’t have enough plot complexity to be an animated film of the decade. A missed opportunity because the CGI and character ideas were great starting points, if you are an adult film goer. For very young people, plot complexity is irrelevant. Kids care about how cute something looks, sing-a-long worthy songs, funny scenes, and very silly “silly.” Smallfoot gets an A+ if you think about it from the view of a young person watching this on HBO with his/her grandparents.

For me, it fell into the “good enough” category. When I’m tired, I want to see uplifting material like Smallfoot. My daily life has enough going on looking for freelance journalism gigs, taking care of my health, learning special FX for my filmmaking goals, and finishing my next short film and first feature. Smallfoot made me smile a bit. All I cared!