“Venom,” Not So Bad After All

When fans online riot enough proclaiming a film as horrific, you watch it expecting the worst movie you have seen in ages. Venom  is by far enjoyable after my sitting through The Meg  a few nights ago. Dull acting from Michelle Williams? Call me when you make it through The Meg  without having fallen asleep. Nothing but the FX remains good about that film.

Here we have Tom Hardy doing a strange NYC/Philly accent parody hybrid. His original accent was fine here.  “Why?” comes to mind. He, accent aside, makes the movie work. I experienced this weird feeling called having fun watching the movie throughout, Mr. Hardy working his star power. When you have to act convincingly with your face covered all the time, a job like this must come easily. Michelle Williams is lovely here as always. Don’t get the hate for her. 

Is Venom  a bit cliched? Yeah! Does it take away the fun? No! The split personality gives the script a twist undiscovered in the majority of comic book films.  The critics disliking the film should view it as reviewing a villain’s film; a “superhero story” it is not.

The movie has some funny lines here and there. The action pace is an improvement from competition like Batman v. Superman , a film that has guilty pleasure action scenes bound between periods of slowness. Overall, Venom  might not be the film of our times. It’s good enough for a fun evening busting out the popcorn. And, my cats gave it each two paws up, their eyes glued to the screen.