Review: Netflix's "Insatiable" (Season 1)

I’m all for cruel satire when need be. The problem with critics of Insatiable, and me, for some of this, is the topic we are joking about can injure young people.

When you present a TV show to impressionable youth about a high school girl whose life changes positively after she loses weight, younger viewers will look at this and view weight loss as the ticket to popularity, attractiveness, cool new friends and success. As someone who has done whatever one should do to achieve success when I was younger using the physical changes one can make, think specific trendy makeup, dumb clothes, dieting away to look less curvy in hopes of getting work, all of this garbage, I am the first to tell all of you, THIS WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Don’t bother to lose weight or change who you are physically because you will blend into the crowd. When you are one of many, you don’t stand out as a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or employee. When I see shows like this, I know someone out there is having a bad day at school or work coming home to watch Insatiable assuming, if only he/she did that, their lives would change.

The series feel is like Jane the Virgin gone wrong. Insatiable could work as a dark take on Southern beauty pageants and daily small town Georgia life were it not out to get the only people who could ever support such a show: the LGBT community, the biggest lovers of satire like But I’m a Cheerleader. On the episodes where Debby Ryan’s character Patty’s BFF is finding herself with her sexual orientation, we see Patty freaking out at a rumor about being a lesbian and a character saying more or less, it’s only OK when someone else is a lesbian for as long as I am not. What a great message to give impressionable youth. All the people reacting on the show are jerks about being called lesbians when they aren’t, or bullied when the school thinks they are bi/lesbian. When the show progresses to a tiny positive scene with a trans woman guiding Patty into bikini body confidence, it’s too late.

Netflix renewed Insatiable for a second season due to high viewership. When it comes down to it, that interest is probably from people like myself checking out the series from reading too many negative reviews. The curiosity will die off. Insatiable’s second season will be its last.