When a Song Doesn’t Make the (Film) Cut: “I Just Wanna Be Loved” and Its Weirdness

Some of you may have noticed I release an exotic range of singles on Spotify. Having a mixture of sounds helps demonstrate my versatility as a film score composer and, yes, I count production in this. You write music as a producer. Totally counts! 

Did you eye a single from some months ago called “I Just Wanna Be Loved?” 

The intention was using it for my animated short, O Girl of a Dream . Penelope the penguin sings along to the radio, ohhhhh, into a hairbrush inside her trailer on set! I was going to raise the already high pitched for my naturally husky voice singing into a higher pitch, somewhat closer to a silly female animated penguin’s singing. Cool, isn’t it?

Sort of. Until you remember the following.

The movie was already 16-17 minutes long.  I wanted to put so much more into the film and couldn’t or it would become a feature, taking me the rest of the year to finish.

And, I wasn’t in the mood to have the producer already translating the English script translate the song lyrics into German. For me to sing them in German as I was already acting in German for the Deutsch edition! What a mess getting bilingual lyrics right!

I was not going to keep adding onto the short I planned to stay as a short.

”I Just Wanna Be Loved,” in all its breathy tones and indie pop-ness, was released minus the pitch alteration as a standard single. My happy self spent time doing it. Why not release it?

Yes, Penelope’s never-animated tune has lyrics about what is happening in the movie. We have her talking about the desire for writing her a screenplay about fairy tales! Her desperation to be loved!  Feeling I must clarify what this is all about or people may think I’m picking up the Grimms Brothers in a dead people bar hahhaa. No everyone, the song reflects what happens in the story for the most part, scattered into kid friendly lyrics. Pointless I know as the kid friendly lyrics never made the movie.