Where Were the Superhero Kids in "The Incredibles 2"?

The Incredibles 2 is an outstanding animated film. Everything about it feels like money will come out of the screen at your face.

The Incredibles sequel is the most expensive looking Pixar film I have ever seen up to today. The animation itself! You fall into a real 3D world watching this. If only I had a studio doing that for me!

The movie as a whole is great. My major question: whatever happened to Mr. Incredible’s children, Violet and Dash? We see some of the baby and little of the two older children. When you are a young person, you watch movies about fellow young people: pre-teens, children and, sometimes, teens older than you are. Who watches a movie about the parents?!

This film, perfect as it was, would have been whatever is more perfect-after-perfect were it centered on the children. Focusing on the youth won’t eliminate the family unit story telling Brad Bird, who plays Edna in the movie he directed, did beautifully. It’s more like, “Focusing on young people in stories made for young people is the normal thing to do.” You wonder, “Is The Incredibles 2 marketed ONLY for people 18+?”

I enjoyed the movie. The whole time, the sequel came off like a PG-13 movie about adults. Did anyone under 12 enjoy it?

If not, they will someday. The Incredibles 2 is, as said, INCREDIBLE.