“The Breadwinner” Has an Animated Non-Disney Princess In Disguise

I saw this when it came out and am reviewing it again because The Breadwinner  is available on Netflix. Free. Rarely is good animation available for free to people. Shame on you if you don’t view it. 

The Breadwinner  is the only film released in the past decade that could be a live action film for any age. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award and, if you ask me, should have won over  Coco . The nominees in the group were Coco , The Boss Baby , Ferdinand  and Loving Vincent . A total snub for LEGO Batman . An awards win snub for The Breadwinner . How do you compare the style and storytelling to The Boss Baby ?!?!! For real?!??!???! Not knocking any other filmmakers and their animation teams, this is about powerful subject matter reaching to young people. Schindler’s List  being snubbed by Bridesmaids  for a comparison! AAaaaahhhhh, I want to rip out my hair!

The Breadwinner  is about a Kabul middle school age girl who must pretend to be a boy when her father is arrested by the Taliban. Two animation techniques run with each other: a beautiful hand painted/digital 2D style, and an almost stop motion done by computer 2D look when storytelling comes on.

Characters change their morale. Some don’t. Some people learn how to step outside the confined social structure women under Taliban rule were taught about. The film covers violence without showing the gore. Only when a character helps another person do we see a bit of blood. 

People are stuck on, “The movies are better when Pixar makes them.” Yeah, Pixar is amazing. Other animation studios in this world exist making movies about people who don’t live in America surrounded by happy faced characters day in day out. I recommend people find other movies and appreciate them. Like I advised with Birdbox , please stream The Breadwinner . Every stream shows Netflix that powerful female driven stories needn’t come in the form of Disney princesses. Some realistic princesses have to hustle, doing what they can.