Never Get Braces Or Orthodontics; Your Teeth Shift Back!

Breaking from entertainment writing, because I am dealing with this right now, this is a severe warning to any parents or kids seeking braces for themselves or loved ones. Don’t! 

Your teeth will shift back anywhere from months to years after fixing them. The only solution is veneers and cosmetic dentistry. Dentists push a second, or as some people have told me, a third bound to be unsuccessful round of embarrassing orthodontics on patients who likely can’t afford to fix their teeth. Your teeth are going to shift back no matter how many times you use retainers, braces or orthodontics of any kind. Once your teeth move again or start to, the dentist will either sell you continuous bleaching/orthodontic plans for life or say, “Too bad. We can try veneers now.” Money gimmicks. Find a cosmetic dentist who is nice and reflects your vision of attractive teeth. Skipping orthodontics right to cosmetic work is common; everyone in magazines has veneers. The problem for most people is affording it.

I spent years of embarrassment with retainers and braces from age 10 to around 15 for my teeth by age 17 to be a little crooked and full blown Austin Powers on the lowers by age 21. Not much has improved by age 31.5. Home bleach kits like Crest make things better because my teeth are very white Austin Powers teeth with whatever I have on top. They don’t resolve the problem. My teeth make me feel terrible. The moment I can fix my teeth finding the right dentist, I will, and I will share my experience with you. Kind of feel bad saying this because I’m all about loving yourself as you are! What kind of role model am I? I see the best in people and remind them of it. Regarding myself? Ha! What’s confidence?

Save yourself the expense and humiliation by waiting to fix your teeth. My own parents admit they would have never paid thousands of dollars and wasted time having me go to a rude orthodontist.

I have asked dentists: the answer is, veneers last beyond the claimed ten years mark. People have veneers for many years if they care for them. Don’t buy into gimmicks from people saying go orthodontics first because you’ll need to replace all of your teeth in a decade. 

Fixing your teeth is worth it. Finding the right cosmetic dentist takes time. Run far away from any dentists who try to upsell you things you don’t need, and head straight to those veneers/crowns!

My other recommendation is, think about your meeting with a dentist. Beware of people emphasizing looking natural. Having teeth with a hint of yellow, or uneven shapes. The reason you want new teeth is perfection. When dentists tell you to do half your teeth and leave half undone fixed with orthodontics, that person may be an excellent dentist but his or her vision isn’t perfection. Natural teeth can look perfect and sure they are beautiful. Were mine or yours beautiful though, we wouldn’t be seeking cosmetic dentistry! Avoid, avoid, avoid! I learned my lessons in attempts of fixing my upper lip from severe damage that natural to plastic surgeons means “nonexistent.” What happened: I had to redo work I disliked and work with others until we got it right. I am not about to do that with my teeth! Don’t with yours!

My third piece of advice is niceness is good, but don’t go with a dentist you don’t share ideas with because he or she is nice. Nice isn’t going to matter when your bill is through the roof with teeth you hate and have to redo. 

Do be careful with people doing whatever they want versus your vision! 

Do watch out for people pressuring you. They should treat you really well for the money it costs fixing your smile. 

Don’t be embarrassed about getting your teeth fixed. Everyone in Hollywood acts like they were born with those teeth. People, cosmetic dentistry is not plastic surgery. People look at your teeth right away when they meet you. 

Here’s hoping I have better news someday and get my teeth fixed! What a nightmare! Of course, for all I know, maybe I’ll fix the lowers and leave the uppers, or not fix anything at all? Who knows?! Time will tell. I’m so torn on what to do because I feel I should appreciate myself as someone who is tired by now of fixing flaws only to have the fixed work go wrong, and then, ugh, I want perfect teeth!

Either route you go, that is, to get cosmetic dentistry or be as is, don’t waste your time on orthodontics. Big. Waste. Of. Time and money.