“Rings,” The Sequel to “The Ring,” Makes Old New

How can you make a movie about a haunted VHS tape today? Hardly. You update it where people transfer the curse with computer files. 

Nothing new gets covered in this sequel. I thought, “This. Will. Not. Be. Good.” Blending a banana, strawberry and the same old plot into a new film rarely works without a few updates. But, are you listening friends? Did any of you read my interview on this very website with Jeffrey Reddick on how you must make people care about the characters for any horror movie to work? Go find it if you haven’t. Wise words!

Rings  does make you care about them. Maybe it was the writing for me, these people seemed like actual young people who could exist in an alternate universe. The girl is like every real girl wondering why her significant other is ignoring her. He’s hanging with a new crowd of oddballs, and so the film opens. 

Rings  won’t be a legendary film. Does it matter? It’s entertaining enough, and it worked for me on a lazy weekend night.  I jumped in my seat probably once or twice!

PS— We need a mashup film. Someone get one made. A combo of The Ring , Lord of the Rings , Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Breakfast at Tiffany’s  with Audrey Hepburn checking out the one true ring on Fifth Avenue.