Video Q+A: The Co-Directors of "The Wretched," The Pierce Brothers – Austin Film Festival 2019

There will, happily, be no such cringing required by either makers or viewers of “The Wretched,” an accomplished second feature by Brett and Drew T. Pierce (billed as “the Pierce Brothers”) that is good fun in a vaguely retro, “Lost Boys”-type teen horror way. The absence of marquee value in cast or franchise terms may relegate it to home formats. Still, this polished, well-paced middleweight nightmare will please most genre fans, while announcing the writer-directors as ready for major-studio assignments.
— Dennis Harvey of Variety

What would you do if a witch wearing your neighbor’s skin terrorized people in your area? The Wretched delves into that very idea, taking us into trees, summer partying and witchery in one horror feature film. Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce spoke with me at their Austin Film Festival screening about casting their lead actress and…their dad, a special effects artist on The Evil Dead, had to steal the spotlight!