Career Goal: Have a Popular YouTube Channel For Furthering My Career AND Sharing the Real Me

YouTube is increasingly the means we reach people. On camera, people see the real you, if you choose letting them in as your first choice. Does the camera ever lie? I don’t think so. On video, I come off as I joke if you ever met me in real life, very Midwestern. Reserved. Talkative, if one can be a shy chatterbox. Not an obvious descriptive of someone seeking a popular YouTube channel as a goal.

Why do I want to do this?

For my Career? Yeah…Of course!

YouTube is now how people discover movies and music. Before you are at the top, it’s to make it there. When you rule Hollywood, it is done in trailers convincing people your film is worth parting with their money.

Yes, I want the film score music connected to my topic channels automatically generated as, in 2019, “Nicole Russin-McFarland – Topic” and “Nicole Delarce Russin McFarland - Topic,” to be listened to, enjoyed, and popular. If nobody knows your music exists, are you really a film score composer? I never wanted my music to drain into the background as an afterthought. Yes, I want millions of streams for it on my music channels and link to all that on my main YouTube channel in tidy lists. You will see some people don’t care if anyone notices their music. They have the IMDb credit for the job. I happen to care it reaches people. Showing people a piece of a film trapped within it. Them learning something I felt one day.

Yes, I want my films that are on Amazon Prime and are made available on YouTube to be found for me to transition into blockbuster filmmaking. A writer/director needs to win the popularity contest to be hired. The sad truth, or is it? Yes, I ask again, can you be a filmmaker if no one sees your work? No. I don’t want to be the filmmaker whose cute little work is watched by ten people a few times max. My work will be seen by millions on YouTube. As a thank you for helping me, having original short form content made for YouTube in the future when I am out achieving my goals would keep the fun going. Making shorts for the web! I want everyone to see my work. Someday, see how far I’ve come from the first low budget attempts. Laugh with it, not at it. Enjoy it. Grow. Gain some insight into who I am, or who I wish to be.

What is the difference between a major studio film director and someone else? That person could have gotten to studio filmmaking with millions of YouTube views on his or her low budget indie films. And a studio film score composer or someone who fades away with indie IMDb credits? People stream your work online where people can see the numbers coming in. Bring in numbers like the big names, and you become one of them.

I am in love with work goals, nearly romantically. This is all I have thought about all my life. If making it happen as the world changes cultural norms, meaning success=YouTube views is how you arrive to the A-list, I will do it.

But Really, to Meet Me

To have the final say on my image.

People thinking you are someone else is hurtful. For work opportunities never given to you. Friendships that could have been never happening. Someone getting an idea you might make a good bullying target.

With a YouTube channel, you are video friends with people around the world. You update the channel as often, or infrequently, as you wish. You talk about anything you want. The pressure is off.

On YouTube, you can call attention to good causes, make video diaries, or share what goes on at work. You can be funny, boring, serious, smart, goofy, silly, scared, fearless, a role model learning from your mistakes, or someone talking about new things you are picking up as work skills, all in the same moment.

You are human. Accessible. The veil of mystery is removed. You are a living person who does what you do and can share why. The world’s best book written about your life, written one day at a time. You choose what to share.

In the past, YouTube, popular but not overwhelmingly so in the oughts, wasn’t as big. I should have looked at it as a positive means of using my voice so nobody in the world could speak on my behalf. If you don’t tell the world who you are, the world decides for you. You must show your beautiful personality with the world, or people will have the wrong image of you.

i neglected to do this for many years. Baby steps meant going from terrible handling of my social media accounts when social media was new to me being in full control. No advice turning me into a personality-less zombie or taking on a personality I never had. Nobody managing my profiles. It seems anyone with a little success has a team of relatives and hired help on their social media accounts. You take the word “social” out of social media, when you do that! Now, I am sliding into having a YouTube presence. It feels scary and good. My gut says I am doing the right thing.

To have a presence on any social media account is to own a piece of your soul forever. When you are long gone, your YouTube videos will speak for your memory.

My fear is being forgotten. To live and never have existed. That I am not remembered, and worse, I never have any films or music that are remembered positively. I named a piece of film music I released recently, “XOXO Nic Russin May I Be Remembered” because it reflects in some of the things I do. This is a fear, I tell myself. Nothing more. The first step into preventing this, and you too at home should want to be remembered if you have family or any sense of being you love about yourself, because this doesn’t extend to people pursuing the arts, is having a YouTube channel with your memories and entire self uploaded into it.

Someday, thanks to my work and to venues like YouTube preserving my videos, you will remember me. I will have lived!

xoxo, Nic

Write it, dream it, then do it.

About the career goals section of my diary: big or small, the first step to achieving your career goals is writing them down. I am sharing all of my career goals with the world. Let’s see when they come true!