Review: “Sharp Objects,” The HBO Minseries

Why didn’t Amy Adams win her Golden Globe last night?  What must she do to win?!?!

Anyone hungry for watching great female leads after Birdbox  should watch Sharp Objects . Birdbox  was a great any time film; this eight episode miniseries is a late night fest. The plot is like a Lana Del Rey non-hit adapted for TV: slow, unwinding, sleepy almost, but you love it.

Patricia Clarkson is excellent playing opposite Amy Adams. You’ve seen her in Easy A ,  Vicky Christina Barcelona , House of Cards , and every amazing role. Ms. Clarkson brings her best acting here.

As someone from neighboring Illinois, I appreciated watching a realistic portrayal of small Missouri towns I visited from time to time. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   , although necessary with #TimesUp and well acted, was like watching Missouri life through a soap opera camera lens. Sharp Objects  does it right. Amy Adams’ Camille is a small town girl who moved to the big city of St. Louis. Now a newspaper reporter, she returns home investigating young women’s murders.

The people on the show are people you really meet passing through towns as you drive to Kansas City. The accent Amy Adams goes for seems to be far southwest Missouri. Could the fictional town be on the southwest border?

I won’t give away what happens on the show. Going for eight episodes was the right decision. Neither too much nor too little. This story fit a miniseries just right. A 90 minute film wouldn’t make you feel like the setting, story, its heroine, and its victims are living people. When you tackle a hard reality in the plot, bringing it to life is important or the audience walks away not taking it seriously. 

Can someone give Amy Adams awards and recognition before she is old?