Review: "Watership Down," the Netflix / BBC Limited Series

Watership Down was a book published in 1972 turned into a fairly popular 2D 1978 film, now a classic.

Of course, the folks over at BBC and Netflix said, “This old version filled with originality has to go. Why don’t we CGI it?” See the older version for yourself.

Now, with the life drained from it, we have a very long miniseries that should have been one good movie. The acting is great. More than great. A+. Deserving better than the limited series serves up. The story. Stretched out so long though, not so. You fall asleep in parts and awaken when the show gets really good again.

What I must stress is the CGI removing fear from the original 2D animated film. The old version is scary and artistic. This reincarnation is like, “Be as commercial as possible! And PC. Don’t scare the kiddies.”

Should you watch it? Depends. To get to the excellent bits, you go through the slowest parts possible. The animators themselves deserved faster paced teleplays. I’m not suggesting we make Watership Down hyperactive. One solid movie, or a two parter show, would’ve done it.

Of course, if you’re a feline, like my two cat critics, you enjoy it for half the episode glued to the screen until you fall into a cat nap.

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