Let's Try It! Tradition Earl Grey Tea From Taiwan

Those of you regularly reading my diary know I am a massive tea snob. As an American ashamed of our tea options I call "tea for Americans," no earl grey sold for a primarily American audience thrills my tastebuds.


The Tradition brand, selling oolong and other popular assortments, makes possibly the best earl grey tea I have ever tasted not marketed to those in the UK, Russia, or Australia. This stuff is as good as the British earl grey.

The tea bags are silky soft pyramids. Be careful; they're delicate. Every tea packet is enclosed in its own tear away slip within the box for full freshness.

View all of the organic Tradition brand products in Chinese, English, and Japanese online at www.goodyoung.com.tw.

Below my bed within one drawer lives a stash of these tea boxes. You will love this tea.