Let's Try It! Quicos (Fried Peanuts From Spain)

My “Let’s Try It!’ section lately has gone full Euro. Today, I tried Quicos, a little snack you think sounds iffy and really is tasty.

A family member corrected me, “Spain took this from Latin America. I had this fried corn down there; the giant corn was probably taken by the conquistadors back to Spain.”

There you have it. Nowadays, giant corn cobs are grown in Spain.

Anyone remember the 1994 Cartoon Network show, 2 Stupid Dogs? They had so many corn cobs popping(!) up, get it, on that toon, my mind can’t separate the toon from corn cobs as an adult.

“Well, ain’t that cute? But it’s wrong!”

2 stupid dogs aint that cute.jpg

Quicos fried corn tastes like if peanuts and popcorn got together for IVF. I love it. You can’t stop eating them. Pretty soon, the box is gone.

I could be overreacting from never having tried these before. Were I to eat them every weekend, I might stop at two kernels.

You’ll devour them and want more. Get some!