When Canceling Services, DirecTV's Chat Staffers Prolong Things to Prevent Cancellation

Have you cut cable yet? Switched to Google or Apple TV? Amazon Prime? DirecTV knows you want to cut services and will pull you by your braid until you agree to resign.

Below, I copied a chat transcript where I sat on my computer for minutes at a time waiting to hear from the chat person. He refused to transfer me. Wait 2-5 minutes. Read him repeating himself. Repeat.

Things did not pick up faster until I told him I was publishing the transcript. When I told the supervisor, my cell phone rang immediately.

This ordeal made me want to cut DirecTV sooner. What a way to treat someone who had the satellite service so long!

DirecTV: Hello! How may I help you today?

Nicole: hello

Joel B: Hi Nicole! My name is Joel B.

Nicole: I was just billed. How do I cancel my service?

Joel B: I'm so sorry to hear that you're looking to cancel Directv services.

Nicole: Secondly, I have a genie and tiny genies. Does DirecTv want those back?

Joel B: May I know the reason for cancellation?

Nicole: I felt like it

Joel B: I am really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel the services with Directv.

Nicole: how do I cancel?

Joel B: I really feel very unfortunate to lose you as a customer since we value your business with us

Nicole: how do I cancel?

Nicole: I need the answer

Nicole: and, I need to know what to do with my genies

Nicole: if you insist on having them back

Joel B: Nicole, I would like to inform you the cancellation has been handled by our Loyalty department what best I can do is I can help you with connecting to the team who can help you with the cancellation right away for you.

Joel B: I have also placed clear notes, let me have you connected to the team right away.

Nicole: ok

Joel B: Thank you.

Joel B: Please stay online while I connect to the team.

Nicole: ok

Joel B: Thank you.

Nicole: hello?

Joel B: Nicole, I'm really sorry for the delay.

Nicole: is this some plan to keep me from canceling?

Nicole: because I intend on canceling

Joel B: Nicole, I completely understand your concern, I'll go ahead and check all the best to get this resolved for you.

Nicole: I need to cancel

Nicole: do you prefer I call on the phone?

Nicole: this is like some gimmick to prevent me from canceling

Joel B: Sure Nicole, if yo would like I can arrange a call back from my Supervisor and connect to the team over the call to process the cancellation right away for you.

Joel B: May I ask if that works for you?

Nicole: I need this done fast

Nicole: why am I still on chat with you and not the right person?

Joel B: Nicole, I'm really sorry you feel that way.

Nicole: you keep saying that

Nicole: I get this is a gimmick you're told to prevent customers leaving

Joel B: Nicole, can you please help me with the phone number to reach you right away?

Nicole: I am calling

Nicole:  Account No. [NUMBER REMOVED]

Nicole: let's see which is faster

Nicole: you or the phone

Joel B: Sure Nicole.

Nicole: why have you not transferred me yet?

Joel B: Nicole, I've successfully arranged call back from our Supervisor and you'll be receiving the call right away.

Joel B: .

Nicole: I can't

Nicole: I'm on the phone trying to call your staff

Nicole: you can cancel it here

Nicole: I don't see the wait

Nicole: I also plan on publishing this transcript as evidence of people trying not to cancel

Nicole: as you repeat yourself purposel

Nicole: *purposely

Joel B: Nicole, our Supervisor is trying to reach you at [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED].

Nicole: well too bad

Nicole: I never told you to call did I?

Nicole: I said transfer me in chat

Nicole: and I'm not using that voicemail # to call out anyway

Nicole: so maybe you can have your supervisor hop on chat

Joel B: Sure Nicole.

Joel B: Please stay online.

Joel B has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

Agent Emily B enters chat

Emily B: Hi Nicole!! My name is Emily B. I'm happy to help! Please give me a moment to review your request.

Nicole: hi

Nicole: I need to cancel my services

Nicole: I would like a refund for my unused services

Nicole: I want you to know that I am aware of the previous user Joel trying to prevent me from cutting DirecTV services by repeating himself

Emily B: Nicole, I completely understand your concern and I really feel bad that you wish to cancel the services.

Nicole: I will be publishing this transcript on my website syndicated on Apple News and other feed services.

Emily B: Since the team has been closed for the today over the chat hence we are unable to connect the chat to the team right away.

Nicole: If there are any further delays in canceling my service, people will read them.

Emily B: However, if you wish I can arrange a callback right away from my end and get connected over the call

Nicole: I need to cancel right now on chat

Nicole: I don't have a contract

Nicole: why is this difficult?

Nicole: a woman I read about today had tremendous difficulties canceling her services

Nicole: is this a standard procedure for you: preventing clients from cutting services when they are not under a contract?

Emily B: Nicole, I am really sorry for that since we're from the billing department, we've limited access on your account, however, we have a loyalty team available on phone and I can help you with the contact number of the Loyalty team and they're the right people to help you with the cancellation process.

Nicole: I will provide my cell phone number

Nicole: when will they call me?

Emily B: Nicole, I will arrange a callback right away for you.


Emily B: Thanks for the info!

Nicole: will my services indeed be canceled?

Nicole: many minutes have gone by

Emily B: I can understand your situation.

Emily B: I am really sorry to hear that you have faced you will get connected over the call to the team and get this resolved

Emily B: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Nicole: someone has called me

Nicole: no that is it

Nicole: I will publishing this chat transcript online

Nicole: thank you