Let's Try It! Tradition Darjeeling Tea From Taiwan

“Robust,” as tea experts might say.

Darjeeling is frequently called the “Champagne of teas,” with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to muscat wine. But it can also have delicate vegetal, mossy, fruity, and citrus flavors. Though Darjeeling is an Indian-grown tea (from, you got it, Darjeeling), the leaves are actually Chinese.
— SeriousEats.com

Were I forced by a scary cowboy outlaw in a western film to select one of Tradition’s branded teas, after trying the darjeeling, the earl grey I recently reviewed wins. Nonetheless, Tradition’s darjeeling is what American me calls “good enough.” Strong, fragrant, powerful, and eons better than anything sold for Americans.

darjeeling tea.JPG