"Ingrid Goes West" Is a Dark Take on Millennial Culture

Everyone told me about Ingrid Goes West this year. Hulu currently offers it as a streaming exclusive.

Elizabeth Olsen to me as an actress is the same in every movie. Ingrid Goes West is one film where it works. You believe her as the Instagram star type. The actor’s life is about playing up your strengths. Excellent casting here.

Remember this month when the big pink selfie wall in LA was vandalized with “go f– your selfie?” Who hasn’t felt like that at some time seeing the perfectly curated, Martha Stewart #lyfe hipster millennials on social media? Our homegirl Aubrey Plaza, playing Ingrid, at the start of the movie strikes back at one such girl’s wedding. Love it.

Where this goes afterwards surprised me. Ingrid kidnaps the social media sensation’s dog so she may return it and befriend her. Creepy! And it gets darker. Weirder.

When you’ve lived life long enough to see a solid bunch of your former classmates move out to LA and live like the people in Ingrid Goes West on small and larger scales, you know Ingrid Goes West is an accurate portrayal. Everyone tries so hard living for social media and the LA #lyfe. Few have the happiness seen on their Instagram feeds.