"mother!" Is...A Different Movie, Putting It Kindly, But I Enjoyed the Crazy Ride

"The film mother! was nominated for a total of three Razzie nominations: Worst Director, Worst Actress, and Worst Supporting Actor. Because it looked like a good movie in the trailer and was not an Adam Sandler movie, the Razzie nominations were confusing and intriguing. I had to check it out.

The Razzies were off. Javier Bardem was an excellent actor here. Golden Globes material acting, if it were better received. Jennifer Lawrence plays an alternate universe Jennifer Lawrence trapped in a house.

mother! is an ambitious work that bucks traditional storytelling techniques with its aspirations, but its approach will not be for all moviegoers.
— Chris Agar, Screen Rant

The director of this film, Darren Aranofsky, is said to have made a spider web of Biblical reference and symbolism. I see a bit of it, never more, as someone who isn’t a Biblical scholar. Fair enough.

Unintentionally, mother! serves me as an artistic film, literally a moving artwork.

Point A. A tale of Hollywood spitting out people, those achieving the fame level only Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and a few of the famous crowd ever see. Around 99 percent of celebrities go out either unnoticed or uncared about. The other celebrities can’t live normal lives. Like the character of Mother, the public whom wants to know everything about the baby at birth, every inch of her private home, and her private life itself, a few unlucky celebrities can’t buy cheese in the middle of the night.

Point B. In mother!, my soul sees how society treats women. You’re here to pop out a kid and told something must be wrong with you for not wanting children, as Michelle Pfeiffer’s character scolds Mother. When you’re done having the baby, your purpose on this planet is done.

In both metaphors, the person is dead or useless until someone new comes along, replacing the previous person. A newer, younger wife. Disney starlet. Pop princess. TV sitcom kid. King of pop.

Everything is robbed, and “robbed,” metaphorically, from you, like Mother’s house in the movie. As Mother’s husband becomes more successful with his published writing, people she’s never heard of and he himself says he’s never met invade their home until a mob surfaces. The movie opens with Mother picking out paint choices for a wall. The mob decides neither shade works; off white for Mother it is. They paint without asking her, as women in society don’t have choices and celebrities of both genders are told they cannot have personalities to be marketable.

Darren Aranofsky’s work up to mother! has always played up to weirdness and never fully fallen in. I loved that mother! went for the weird and artistic. To me, mother! and not Lady Bird should have been the talk of last year’s Oscars.

People right now dislike risk taking. They want to devour your flesh like Mother’s baby and, when tired of you, move on. The next romcom. The next unchallenging Aniston movie starring Jennifer Aniston’s hair. The next Mariah, next Ariana Grande, next person or entertainment project. I’m sorry mother! was appreciated by those who didn’t have the power to force audiences into, “mother! was nominated!?! We should rent it.” The word “Razzie” frightens anyone away. All watching this in the future will be film students and film fans. Sad, because mother! s a far superior film to anything Mr. Aranofsky has ever done. All people want from him is probably another Black Swan.