"All I See Is You" Doesn't Deserve Blake Lively

Blake Lively became a starlet in my mind with The Age of Adeline. Acting against Harrison Ford, she looked the part of an irresistible beauty and acted the part of the tragic older woman trapped inside her youth, alone, scared, never living her life. All I See Is You is not that movie.

In real life, I've had fluctuating diabetic-caused bad vision, inserted plenty of eyedrops, and visited ophthalmologists. With the exception of eye surgery, the most boring moments of my life could be adapted into a thriller, Hollywood tells me. All I See Is You isn't a thriller so much as it could be an early oughts Jennifer Lopez movie. The film moves at the same pace as Enough or anything J.Lo'd before. Blake Lively doesn't deserve this. The movie doesn't deserve her.

Cheat and read up on the plot online. On paper, the story is exciting. Watching it? Not really.

The super cool trailer made me look forward to it. When I finally saw the film, it wasn't what I envisioned. Eye puns! :P

Marc Forster directs amazing films. Shall we list them? Stranger Than FictionMonster's Ball, a little 007 film called Quantum of Solace, hmmm, how did he get mixed up into All I See Is You? He was playing too safe here. I love his other work. Studio pressures, maybe?

What kind of blindness does Blake's character suffer from in this film? When I've had vision issues, it's either like really bad double or triple vision trying to read little numbers/letters or like a smeared foggy window. Bad enough. All I See Is You has our girl Blake seeing what looks like an acid trip. A whole different movie, if you ask me, and dipping into science fiction territory with her vision might have saved the film.

Believe the bad reviews. This film isn't artsy, funny, funny-stupid, interesting-weird, goth, dark, crazy, romantic, scary, or anything enough of anything. It exists. Like an old J.Lo production.