Watching "Beirut," I Worry Jon Hamm May Be a Forgotten Movie Star

Beirut is not a bad movie. It's not terribly good, but it's not mediocre. It's kind of there, but kind of good. Good, but unremarkable amongst good movies. You get the impression it's trying to appeal to everyone. "But" is one impossibly hard to avoid descriptive with this film. Pee-Wee Herman might say I always "have a big but."

And in this confusing madness, Jon Hamm proves himself as one of the best modern actors of our time. He is movie star material. Good looking and by far, possibly the most natural acting talent I have watched in years. Whenever I see him, it's a joy to view the movie.

The movie plot is something you can read about online or by seeing the film. I feel for Mr. Hamm. He deserves to be 1999 Brad Pitt, the most toasted film star in town. "But," Pee-Wee might be discussing, while this film isn't exactly slumming it as it's fine material, it's not movie star material. What does this guy have to do to get there?

In Sucker Punch, he has the role that could have been. He steals the show and is hardly in the movie.

The A-Team didn't have the right 90's Tom Cruise quality to make him a 2010's movie action star.

And "Gorgeous Guy at the Bar" on an episode of Ally McBeal. Poor gorgeous guy. He has a name, Jon Hamm. He's real and fabulous. And he deserves a movie that lets him shine his smolder and acting chops.

Will anyone take him up on this? Quentin Tarantino, will you do it? Drop Brad Pitt for a half second and take Mr. Hamm? You love working with movie stars and proving they can act beyond good looks.

What about you, Sucker Punch's Zack Snyder? You're now a big time film producer/director. Could you make him a comic book hero in a stand alone film triology?