"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" Is the Trailer Extended, With Lots of The Rock Being The Rock

Do you smell what The Rock, aka. Dwayne Johnson, is cooking? I want his secret recipe. He must be throwing hamburger parties for everyone VIP in Hollywood and doing it right, because the dude gets paid big money to play himself in blockbuster movies as classically trained actors, some of whom come equipped with serious abs, are out serving him kale salad at popular restaurants.

Imagine if I got paid that money to play myself in movies. In 2016, it's said he earned $64.5 million being himself. Luck must be shining upon him, and he probably deserves it. Good things generally happen to good people. He seems like a cool guy. I'd for sure show up in a heartbeat to be his friend! Wow! And if he's a great chef, more power to him! I'll eat whatever he's cooking!

How you feel about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle depends on how you feel about The Rock when he plays himself. Here, he's joined by Jack Black and a few others. Jack Black is another person paid to be himself. He's himself in King KongShallow Hal, here. It's like he rolls out of bed happy because he doesn't have to get into method acting. Lucky him.

This second Jumanji is nothing like the Robin Williams first so many fell in love with. The 90's film was pretty stupid fun, sure, yet it required serious acting from Mr. Williams. This time around is like a bunch of friends got together and made a really stupid movie that looked like tons of fun to be on set. Some parts are funny with the comical quality of Jack Black playing a girl stuck inside a middle aged man's video game body. The real song, "Welcome to the Jungle," plays at the end. Cheers for that.

I guess if you got high on weed, or slightly wine tipsy, this would be one hilarious movie. Not said as a negative at all. It is what it is. People in sixth grade are the ideal audience for this, or trashed college aged guys/sorority girls. Nothing wrong with that!