Let’s Try It! The ACME Smoked Fish Poke Bowl

This little poke bowl to go comes from...Brooklyn? 

***NOTE: The photos present the poke bowl out of the box. You’re supposed to add toppings on top of it, and everyone seems to have missed that dismissing the poke bowl images without trying it.*** 

I love that it adds ease for adding whatever you want into the poke bowl. As time goes on, I get annoyed in my bowls I order restaurants give an unequal ratio of cabbage to fish, rice, and stuff with actual nutritional value. 

ACME’s bowl comes with a spice packet and sauce ready for you to eat it as is or pile on your toppings. Salmon. Rice. That’s it. The salmon was generous enough for a single portion—and hopefully it remains that way. Businesses cut corners as their items grow in popularity. The portion sizes soon get cut down to baby food. 

40 percent of your daily protein in this poke bowl is plain astronomical! #winning

The flavor once the spice packet and sauce went on was excellent. Poke bowls seem to be anything goes in attitude. Tomato, olives, whatever! I would definitely get this again.