Now That I’ve Turned 31, Things I Have I Didn’t Have When Turning 30

Keeping a diary of your ageing feels very Benjamin Button . I’m going to look up at this having emptied all of my inside feelings and get younger.

Comparing myself only to myself , the importance of seeing positives in your life helps you stay on the right track. Things get miserable when you begin asking why you haven’t done _______ by age 31. Here we go! 

I turning 31 have done the following I didn’t when I was turning 30:

1) Pinned down my animation style. At 30, I didn’t know entirely just yet. I had an idea. A long time of trying to develop one didn’t make it my own. Thanks to confidence and working at it, I now animate much faster and am ready to pop out my newly redone work onto Amazon Prime this year. Speaking of that... 

2) A plan for all of my first film work’s debut to the world. Prior to this, I was unsure. Film festivals and maybe get ignored? Knowing I would have a chance for a larger audience to find my animations has made me go back and redo a lot of them so they more align with my goals.

3) My first video journalism placed on Amazon Prime! My visit to the 2017 Austin Film Festival. This gives me hope for someday having a larger budget talk show or a show about entertainment people going to eat food with me at restaurants. Yeah! And here’s to more video journalism altogether!

4) Vocal music releases, meaning music with my voice heard on them! On June 25 hitting June 26 in 2017, I only had instrumentals available. As someone who wants to be like Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, two men I’ve looked to for inspiration because they balance film and music well in their careers, this is great news for me! When I was in my teens, I saw these two gentlemen in their 20’s then doing big things. Seeing young people achieving success when you’re very young makes it relatable and something you can do. I loved but didn’t relate to Paul McCartney when I was young. These guys, yes. Mr. Timberlake has done a film score, acted in movies, and we’re familiar with his music. Mr. Williams has done film scores, been nominated for an Oscar as a film producer, and then there’s his music career. Never say never! If I can have a piece of that...

5) My second film music album available for sale/streaming. O Girl of a Dream  contains fairy tale music I hope jumps out at you, “Wait, is this? Are we hearing her telling of Beauty and the Beast ?” and you know based on the music alone. I like releasing the music before the film work because it gets me excited about the project.

6) An iTunes podcast dedicated to talking about movies called Cinemat-Nic. I tried when I was in my early 20’s doing a blogtalkradio podcast. It was really awkward and I felt not up to the standards I felt people deserved as guests or listeners. The quality itself on the audio was not there, as one example of why it wasn’t that awesome. It sounded like I interviewed NASA team members out by Mars. This new podcast of mine is one I won’t quit doing. I’m dedicating myself to it. Quitting is for losers! The format is primarily going to be me alone talking about movies like I’m hanging out with you. Guests will appear on it appropriately. Meaning, we stick to the topic: film. No morning show type Martha Stewart types recommending home gardening tips and beyond followed by financial tips. That’s the world we know now for media. No, movies only. Hurray!

This year’s cake was... 

The Cheesecake Factory sugar-free option, also known as the low carb cheesecake. Here is my personal slice! When you seek out sugar free choices, you’re limited. I’m grateful that every year, I know I can depend on The Cheesecake Factory or Sprinkles for delicious sugar-free options!

My Cheesecake Factory event was at home for the first time ever. A change for me! The cake choices were brought here and the dinner. The manager was fantastic. Their staffers are always polite and easy to work with.