It’s 2018, Why Is “Pulp Fiction” Still Inspiring Imitators?

This statement arises from my recent review of Gringo . 

I felt this week whoever wrote it was a hardcore Pulp Fiction  fan to where it seeped into the General feel of the movie beautifully carried out by Charlize Theron. 

Pulp Fiction  came out in 1994. 24 years ago. Some Pulp Fiction  fans are younger than the movie they love. Don’t you think it’s time we moved on?

As someone who reads probably one bit too much and loves catching tidbits of film industry journalism, if you watch the Directors Guild interview with the American Film Institute from about this year, Quentin Tarantino himself suggests people should be originals. His actual quote was something like, “Make the movie that’s never been made before.” Don’t copy. Don’t be a wannabe. If you wanna be my lover, get with my friends. But don’t copy someone’s movie, he’s saying. Zig-a-zig. Ah. Mr. Tarantino talks about how he was the first around doing his style of movies.

Ironic when you stop and think his work is all about taking other people’s movies and remixing them. He has a point, nonetheless. We need originality back in the film industry.  Hate on him all you want. Before him, nobody was really out there remixing movies into new-ish-maybe-is-this-new-no-it-is-cool-though movies. Someone who is truly a Pulp Fiction  fan needs to shake it their beloved gentleman suggested to them, be the first. And they don’t follow their idol’s advice.