Trying Out the Pier 1 LED Fake Candlesticks (Parental Gift!)

Pier 1 and me....what?! In the same sentence? Me at a home decor store? Me?!?! She who is an honorary frat boy years post-graduation?

Yes. :)

Officially, these guys are known as the LED Color-Changing Outdoor Pillar Candle Set with Remote. How's that for a long title? The review on there is written by some clueless person who claims the white option looks blue and the colors are off. Rolling my eyes. Sounds like a rival company to me or a prankster doing a fake review. Or, as I said, a clueless person. This is a really nice gift set.

The fake candles run on three AAA batteries each. The tiny remote is very cute. This would make a nice present for a young man or a young woman. Either gender.

The fake candles are good for light therapy. Add a bit of positivity into your day and work load with some color. My fav setting is the tie dye one!