Let's Try It! Gen Coco Genuine Coconut Water Drink (In a Real Coconut!)

Did you know coconut water comes from real coconuts? And all this time I thought it was manufactured for serving in metal cans.


My coconut I bought at Whole Foods was probably not soggy at the bottom. I left it in the fridge for a few days and, surprise, surprise, the bottom when I found it was a little soggy. Oh well. My fault.

The taste was fabulous. To be expected when you think, oh yeah, of course. It's served in a real Thai coconut. I'm not really a coconut expert. Do coconuts taste that different in parts of the world? Who knows. Maybe it's like the Tootsie roll pop commercials. How many licks does it take to get to the...? The world may never know!

I enjoyed this beverage and loved having my straw in a real coconut. I held it up to my iPhone camera like I was a Roman emperor feasting on fruit at my palace. Ridiculous, silly, sure, but it made my day, and for that, I'll take another coconut.