Eel Box Ingredients

I now know the secret to time travel, or at least, OK, the ingredients list on eel served at Asian restaurants.

My delivery man delivered my food in the box that once contained frozen broiled eel.

High fructose corn syrup. Why, oh why?!

Not these days, when I was in college, I had a sushi chef on speed dial with a small shop rented at my university. I always placed orders for eel sushi. Mmmm-mmm, good! I don't know why it was my thing back then. What was I learning at school those days? I don't remember. My mind was concerned with graduating ASAP and what I was having for lunch. And of course, lunch on my Tuesday/Thursday school schedule was always sushi. My beloved sushi chef left about a year after I graduated. #sadness

Would I have eaten it so readily had I known about the ingredients? Maybe not. Corn syrup is pretty bad for you.

eel 1.JPG
eel 2.JPG