Filmmaking Tip #3: INTJ Personality? Nerd? Be a Movie Director!

Going through life hearing people talk about personality types and all of that never interested me until this week.

Someone I know put up a joke about personality types. I researched it and found I’m part of this whole group of INTJ people and the “unicorn” of people born female who happens to be one. Sarcasm is second nature to you! You love dark humor and have a computer-like brain with a ridiculous personality that sometimes gets in the way. You have a “sweet and sour sauce” personality, you naughty reserved, straightforward person! You could be very nice inside but it won’t show: you come off as cold and have flaws, one being you are too arrogant in your intellect and assume because you’re mega good at something or some things you know the answers to everything. You get annoyed by societal norms of small chitchat and fitting in. Your personality is what society, and notice I said “society,” says contains masculine assertiveness, interests, talents, whatever you have. You come off cold, hiding your feelings for the people who really know you, or sometimes you’re ashamed of admitting your feelings because you don’t know how people might react to knowing you have some hobby or like so and so—surely I’m guilty of all of that more often than I’d like!

And you can read on more. Google it. I felt relieved as I saw my life laid out in full explanations of why I am who I am and why I am good/bad at things. Why making female friends for me is doable and a good goal, I support and love women as co-humans, but making female friends has never been easy because we don’t share most common interests. Yes, as the web reassured me I was right.

What this means for confused people like I was once:  INTJ is your standard person drawn more to math and science, or at minimum, the combination of art and science, with my choices of film and music. You’re nerdy. If born female, you don’t relate to most girls and eventually most women, hanging out with guys instead.

In reading about all of this, I found awful advice. This site suggested becoming a content writer. What kind of fool tells an analytical person to be a creative writer? The rolling my eyes emoji was my exact expression reading that. Creative writing?!???? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Up the page, it contradicts itself: “They find it especially difficult to work in mundane jobs where repetition is required or there are few challenges. If they are not required to think or focus on a goal, they soon become bored.”

Sounding something like one more reason to become a movie director and head down that path. Filmmaking is never the same thing. Screenwriting itself as a writing style is to the point. You express yourself through actors and have the option not to talk on camera unless you act in your own work. Why wouldn’t a person with my personality type be drawn to those occupational positives?

They recommend avoiding things where one has to be outgoing. I have yet to meet an outgoing filmmaker, my friends. The outgoing film industry people are almost always the publicists and actors. You’ll find people being outgoing momentarily and returning home, or back to the hotel, after promoting a movie or hanging out with one to several pals or colleagues. The advisors for these INTJ guides likely have never met actual filmmakers, established or new. Hmmmm! Throwing shade at film without knowing more about it! 

A second site I won’t link to says, “The INTJ does not fit a job that requires understanding small details at the present moment.“ Are we again talking about people you said should go into academia or computer sciences? Do you fools writing these help guides know what one does for computer science? When I have learned web design, I’ve had to study small details and work with them at the present moment. Someone with an analytical mind going ten million miles per second is going to want  a job learning small details and handling them in bulk, like app development or...running a film set! Or, if animation, a virtual film set created by a team of people you work with on details! Of animate yourself, if on a low budget!

And, for achieving your dreams and income, who wouldn’t be ultra extroverted? Can INTJ have spurts of intense extroversion because the thrill of career success is so delicious? Why not! ;) 

A few lousy INTJ guides talk about how you cannot read hidden signals through body langauge or elsewhere. Being INTJ stands equally to autism the way these experts write it up. And, there is nothing wrong if you have autism or Aspergers, though speaking for myself, being introverted/INTJ at heart is not on par with Asperger’s because I have no issue with reading emotions or looking people in the eyes. I’m introverted in the way I fit most of the INTJ info but not the tidbits of INTJ info listed like I can’t read signals someone is interested in dating me. Two very different things are going on there, and these INTJ guides should not assume people are bad at reading people signals.

Far from it. The more analytical you are, if anything, the better you probably are at reading people. The goofball side of your personality could come out and mess things up, although Asperger’s symptoms don’t always run with INTJ. Sure, I may not have what society says are womanly charms—I don’t come off like a fool with social codes like when someone is being a creeper.

On the other end of the “sour” personality quirks, which you can read about in depth online, I do have this odd twist of being like Hello Kitty making friends(!) no matter what and being nice when someone I trust enough gets to see through to the real me. My typically solitude loving, “outgoing loner” act doesn’t cut into the basic human desire for friends. Another INTJ stereotype is people don’t want ANY friends. Haha, no, I simply find introverted and/or dorky friends.

Excuse me for having recently mentioned him reviewing Dunkirk on this very diary of mine .... I happily saw Chris Nolan’s name dropped as a definitive INTJ person on this much better INTJ guide and secretly went “yes!” in my mind.  They get it. INTJ people don’t have to be confined to research labs and academia. It is very possible for one to be INTJ and crave an entertainment goal.

You find INTJ female stereotypes online. If you believe them, all INTJ girls/women look terrible. The guides have never heard of cleaning up well to impress someone else or, you know, promoting yourself to make it in entertainment. I’m fairly geeky—this isn’t meaning I wear a garbage bag running out of the house like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook .  INTJ men and women look like anyone! You kind of have to clean up  a little when you have long term career and personal goals! I hate getting my nails done. Do all INTJ people, male and female, hate manicures? Probably not! I myself wear press on fake nails temporarily for special events! It says here INTJ people aren’t big on children. SURELY, I AM NOT big on having kids. All?!? Are all  avoidant of having kids? Do some change their minds eventually? Ha—several people I see on INTJ lists have several children! And it goes on! All INTJ women are straight and in their skin as women and thus should find men like _______, all INTJ men are straight, they dress like they got dressed in the dark, all have issues with ____.....

Dont take everything on INTJ lifestyle guides seriously. Focus on the main ideas of how the brain itself works. Don’t go for a boring career. Change that path to one of filmmaking! 

A shoutout to my BFF, music, as a career choice, or hand in hand with your filmmaking aspirations, is much deserved!  Music uses so much analytic thinking in making the creativity happen. This is why people who are too creative and play well but lack the analytical side don’t always make the best long term musicians, producers, and/or composers.