Filmmaking Tip #1: Be an Arsonist

My new filmmaking tips section is all about me repeating stuff I learn from doing or people telling me. Enjoy, chickens! Lesson number one... 

Set anything on fire because it looks cool. This lesson was given to me by several live action filmmakers. Prior to this, I was already a major fan of arson in live action. I’m told arson looks amazing. Set anything on fire. A car. House. Mini-van. Farm. Laptop. Fire photographs beautifully. 

I am hoping to have all my animated work out soon this year and next year. Arson, my friends, looks so good on animated film. This rule doesn’t seemingly stick to live action. The colors are fun to play with. When you set a room aflame, you can make the cartoon walls pinker. Really use your imagination. 

Beyond the visual, imagine the context. How does the fire reflect what your person is doing? 

Or stick it in because you’re making a horror or action movie! Very bad ass. 

Based on my first impressions of using arson in all the work I’m doing, I can’t get over how sexy and beautiful fire is. So expressive. I can use it to express someone’s anger or sadness or .... fill in the blank! My guess is fire will be a part of much of the material I make as the years go by. I’m obsessed. 

Find a way to include arson, or fire of any kind, in your movies. Right. Now!