My Cats Explore Bath Tubs Like They’ve Discovered Catnip Caves; Forget This Overnight

I don’t get this one bit.

My cats have an Instagram account you can follow called @russincats.  Maybe you’ve seen these photos on there and if so, I don’t care because Gisele and Noele are my cats and VIP.

My cats love playing in bathtubs. Cats are supposed  to hate water. Mine don’t. They visit the same bathtubs daily expecting to find something new there. As someone who showers in these bathtubs daily, I often wish I’d find something new there myself like a pile of cash to finance some of my projects straight from a film studio like Pixar, for instance, but no, all I find at most expecting the unexpected is something like a scorpion or useless dryer lint that somehow fell off my clothes. 

Cats don’t know any better and I love them more so for it.