Let’s Try It! Flow Alkaline Spring Water from Canada

Is it marketing or is it worth your time?

Who knows. I’m judging by flavor on one Flow Alkaline Spring Water  purchased at Whole Foods.

Advertising “natural electrolytes and minerals!” Something about empty plastic water bottles littering Burning Man inspiring the water product. Of course. Very cliched millennial aimed marketing almost straight from HBO’s Girls. Quoting Iggy Azalea again because I did an audio impersonation of her posted on my YouTube for kicks, “I’m not hatin’. I’m just tellin’ you.” The marketing page on the site has a girl wearing hipster millennial hair and athleisure frolicking around between wording aimed at people who probably wear sustainable everything. Every brand should be inclusive of all age and personality markets—my opinion. Like the rest of us who don’t fill millennial stereotypes don’t need water? ;)

The flavor is lovely and tastes like any popular water. Fiji. Smart Water. Evian. Anything you find that’s marketed to people who should spend more money on water.  I’d definitely drink it at the gym or anywhere. Could I tell it apart from other brands? No. My best comparison is a good plate of ultra noodle skinny, herbed French fries from a higher dining restaurant. Can you tell from ten sampler plates o’ pommes frites which restaurant which is from? After a bit, everything is similarly good.

Judge for yourself. Visit a USA Whole Foods location and get one!