Pixar’s “Piper” Understands Its Strength Is Short Running Time

You can’t knock anything Pixar does. Their animation is tied with DreamWorks and Illumination for sure on the best around.

My critiquing Pixar starts when you get crazy-picky. When you separate Pixar movies into competing against themselves on a far grading scale. 

Piper is the best Pixar work I’ve seen in tone and plot development since probably Toy Story 3 . The Good Dinosaur    is my prime example of a Pixar movie that would have been better as a series of shorts bundled into a mini-series or one longer animated short about 20-30 minutes. Pixar is famous enough for a large audience who’d buy that. I myself would buy a Good Dinosaur  one-off mini-series. Dragged out, the thinner plot fades out away from the CGI animation beauty. We get a movie that judged against Pixar greatness runs a little dull beside the original Toy Story .

Piper ’s animation is equally as detailed AND as beautiful as Despicable Me 3 .  A WHOLE LOT CUTER. Birds do something for my positivity. You’ll see this once my work starts coming out on Amazon Prime as my focus in animation is generally stories around birds. My birds take on human personalities. Piper  is grand because the animators went, if you read about the backstory, to view real sandpiper birdies out at the beach. They do perfectly capture the reality of what you might almost find watching a Discovery Channel doc tossed into a giant salad of cuteness. Our baby piper character ruffles up like a cartoon when he’s done scrambling around like a real baby bird. Pixar does cute with scientific perfection. Really! Science plays a lead role in the animation development.

The plot is all about a baby bird overcoming his(?)/her(?) fear of water with a nudge from mommy bird and a baby crab walking with his(?)/her(?) family. The animals sound like animals. No speech is spoken. We know this. We as viewers know point A to point B will happen. Pixar has to deliver on cuteness and artistry.  Cute eyes are in abundance! Cute, TINY eyeballs  Oh goody!

Piper  developed into a 90 minute movie would’ve gone stale. A one dimensional plot with non-speaking characters...... 


About five or six minutes, this little short is wonderful. As I said, I have a soft spot for birds regardless. Piper  expands into audiences who don’t love birds like I do. Anyone could view this and love it. Nothing too silly for little kids or too preachy to get to the children. 

A handful of people have discussed Piper  with me; one was an office’s employee I met who loves a new Pixar work any time she gets on iTunes. Everyone was impressed by Pixar’s work on this movie. Not one of the people I met loving Piper  has anything in common with me nor each other in life nor personality. You know you’ve made a good movie when your work speaks to everyone.