Let’s Try It! Yorkshire Tea, Farmlea Tea & Sainsbury’s Tea

This triple UK region black tea combo pack was a gift from a friend and is very much appreciated as a mega tea fan. Thank you!

When I polled people who sampled the teas without knowing which was which, the winner was Sainsbury’s. 

Personally, each tastes so different, I can’t choose one. Sainsbury’s has the smoothest taste. Farmlea has one where you almost feel like you taste the herbs a bit more. The tea is tea-ier yet equally strong to Sainsbury’s.  Yorkshire has a taste somewhere between the tea-iest Farmlea and the smooth Sainsbury’s.

Since they’ve arrived, I have been rotating my tea every morning to get a feel for which and cannot decide. As they say in the opera Carmen, “Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. But not today. That is certain.” I could wake up someday and know the answer. 

Any of these tea purchases is a wiser choice when you think about the bad tea types sold in America. I love many things about American life. Our tea is not one. Our tea is shameful. I don’t blame patriots for dumping tea into Boston waters some years ago. When you try the weak, NYC sewage water stuff marketed in the states called “tea,” you reach for the nearest Diet Coke as you rabidly order Indian or Middle Eastern tea in the mail via Google. Your face turns into the green keyboard emoji imagining another sip o’ American tea. 

This tea pack is going to be a regular tea choice at my home once I track it down online mixed into Tea India and other favorites! Fun times!