My Paper Magazine "Last Movie Star" Feature Is Out!

When I get excited about a movie, I have to share the feeling. I predicted Get Out would get Oscar nominations when everyone else claimed it was another college audience horror movie.

For this article, I interviewed Modern Family's Ariel Winter, Burt Reynolds and The Last Movie Star director Adam Rifkin. Read it directly on the Paper website here. The article includes a spectacular photoshoot with the lovely Ms. Winter.

The old Burt Reynolds can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because the Cosmo centerfold is dead, reborn an octogenarian giving the most Oscar-worthy performance of his career. In The Last Movie Star, the 82-year-old actor is Vic Edwards, a screen legend misled into accepting a dowdy millennial film festival’s Lifetime Achievement award. Chauffeured around Nashville by Lil (played by Modern Family’s Ariel Winter), Vic detours into east Tennessee, where he takes a trip down memory lane.
— mwa in Paper Magazine


Hear pieces of the audio interview Ariel Winter gave for the magazine piece.