Imposter Syndrome Has a Cure! It Is...

Imposter syndrome wasn’t a thing until milennial culture threw it into every news headline this year. Just about everyone in English speaking countries suffers from it. OK. Problem.

Imposter syndrome most of the time occurs because you really are a fraud. You don’t know what you’re doing enough to have the confidence to back up your talent. 

The cure for imposter syndrome is:

A) Learn whatever skill set you feel ashamed of. In our fake example! Get equally good at chemistry like the person teaching your AP science class, so much you could teach the class, or at minimum, tutor someone. You’ll never feel like a fraud at chemistry again.  Do this with sports, music, dance, or any skill. This will take time—and be worth it.

B) Figure out if your poor self esteem is coming from peer pressure, negative body image, or other problem areas and crossing over into your school/work life.

C) Admit when you feel good about success and when you are always learning. Having confidence with your skills does not mean running people over with arrogance. Never say you’re a bad actress, jokingly or not. You half mean it. Don’t say you’re ugly. Fat. Stupid. You mean what you joke about a little bit. Think of yourself as talented, and getting more talented with experience! 

In life, you’re like Kirby in this old GameBoy game. You have an idea of what to do. You’re a marshmallow dude chowing down on apples, ghosts, baddies, conchs, and weird cloud people.  Before you spit out weird cloud people at the giant cyclops cloud person, you get better. You, little Kirby, rack up points! Experience! By Kirby’s Dreamland 2, your imposter syndrome is gone. You’re so experienced at life, you’re able to ride a huge gerbil like John Wayne. Be Kirby.

Oh LOL, wow does this make me remember the time I lost my GameBoys at the airport as a youth. A nice flight attendant found them halfway across the airport! Wow, Midwestern kindness at its finest! 

OK, see you in my next youth lesson advice!