Review: "13 Reasons Why," Seasons 1 + 2

13 Reasons Why is a show with plenty of realistic teen scenarios. No, any age scenarios. Sexual assault, bullying, depression, cutting, sadness? The issues hurt people. You are never too young nor too old.

Season 1 keeps the attention on Hannah Baker’s tapes everyone listens to after her death. Season 2 shifts onto the court trial. The Bakers sue her school district for negligence; a major character gets his individual court trial for rape charges from another person. I cannot tell you more.

The plot is a huge spider web of developments. Some plot points are ridiculously melodramatic out of soap opera land. 9/10 plot points could have happened. Down to the court room proceedings. Thank you to Selena Gomez and all crew on 13 Reasons Why profiling why people don’t come forward with their rape cases. Bullying. Harassment. Nothing ever gets done. When it does, progress is lost.

13 Reasons Why draws attention to this problem like no other show I have watched: the desperation we all feel trying to change things that never change. Watching the show is hard for anyone. Be warned if you or your friends/family ever relate(d) to anything on the series, your viewing will be one of “cannot look away but must look away.” Nonetheless, I recommend it for viewers of all ages because hiding this material doesn’t change the future. It worsens it.

Watch 13 Reasons Why with your little siblings, kids, friends, dates, and discuss the topics. You must. Or we have failed real friends of ours like Hannah Baker’s character. If you are going through anything on this show, talk to someone. You must or it will eat you alive.