Let's Try It! Walgreens' Nice! Black Cherry Flavored Sparkling Water

I heart Walgreens and its generic brand, Nice! The added exclamation mark does everything. Would I like their seltzer? Ohhhhh, excuse me. “Flavored sparkling water.” Seltzer is an uncool term amongst hipsters.

You don’t know how weird this drink tastes until you try it. The first time you drink a sip, it tastes like sugar free candy. Ahhhh, that familiar friend. Aspartame! But!!!!! The package says “with other natural flavors.” Aspartame is natural?! Really?

At zero calories, Nice!’s seltzer and black cherry sounds too good to be true. It is. The after taste gets you. In five minutes’ time, the beverage tastes like Diet Cherry Coke’s cherry additive, hold the Diet Coke. You wonder why you got into this situation. Peer pressure? A fist fight? Pirates threatening you to drink this or walk the plank?

Walgreens could remake this water without the weird flavor. And I’d buy cases of it. In the words of Gone With the Wind, tomorrow is another day! Until then, no.