"Before I Fall" Is the Slowest Good Movie of 2017-2018

Zooey Deutsch plays a high school student learning to think of others first in Before I Fall. The finale;s positive message is beautiful–if you can stay awake long enough to get there.

The film has a sleepy pace. Like, zzzzzz…..huh? when anything good happens. When this movie is good, it’s amazing. In between, you need a good carton of Diet Coke cans ready to go. I won’t give much away. Zooey’s character is a student caught up in a Groundhog Day-like same-day-forever cycle. You know someone watched Groundhog Day one too many times writing the novel that inspired this movie. Take Groundhog Day into a millennial era high school, remove the humor, and you have Before I Fall.

No matter. Great art comes from imitation sometimes. I loved this movie and hated bits of it. Adapting the book into a movie, the film crew should have picked up the storytelling speed. Mess with the story a little. Books do not have to match their film counterparts. Add a new storyline. Be creative!

No, we’re left with a very good movie that could have been an A+. Watch it on a lazy night when you’re about to fall asleep anyway. You’ll love the movie and be ready for bed.