"Love, Simon" Is the First LGBT Teen Film Treating Teens Like Teens

Have you watched 13 Reasons Why at home one evening saying, “This show is awesome. Does anything exist like this but, oh, happy?” Why, yes, sir!

In Love, Simon, 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford looks, sounds, and acts like Hannah Baker transplanted into another movie. Her being Hannah Baker to a perfect 10 in another movie feels kind of confusing. Ms. Langford is an Aussie; couldn’t she play an Aussie? Don a wig? Work another American regional dialect? Have the wardrobe person give her un-Hannah Baker clothes? Or, does Katherline Langford play an American Katherine Langford in all her works, pulling a move out of The Rock playbook? Note, I love The Rock. Said as a fan because the guy is charismatic. Actually, let’s redo 13 Reasons Why starring The Rock as Hannah Baker. And Love, Simon. The Rock can take over Katherine Langford’s part. :) Add a little edge.

Once you get over the weirdness of “Am I watching 13 Reasons Why?” Love, Simon is a feel good movie, one of its kind. I don’t know if it’s been years, or the first time ever, Love, Simon, is the first movie in recent memory not adult-ifying the LGBT lead. No clothes get removed. No dating apps. This past decade’s too grown-up-for-teens GBF could have taken notes from Love, Simon and the film treated having a gay friend like having a pet chihuahua. Love, Simon portrays real LGBT teens: those who could be straight for all you know and aren’t. They’re confused in all the sameness straights go through. They worry about friend stuff like straights. LGBT characters are like straight characters. Only, LGBT. Wow, Hollywood found out after a few decades too late!

When we reach the finale kiss, beautifully shot with lights abound and one amazing backdrop, the only big kiss in the film, the setting is sweet. Nothing sleazy happens in the movie. Thank goodness. May we have more LGBT coming of age stories about young men and women told like their straight counterparts.