“Life-Size 2:” Why Did This Happen?

Fans of the original Life-Size  must not remember the same movie I do.

The first installment was awkward, dumb, dorky, and a guilty pleasure because it didn’t take itself seriously. The TV movie was immature, goofy fun.

Life-Size 2  mixes in a little adult humor. Sure, it’s pretty funny when the new heroine, a young toy company heiress, wakes up beside Eve. The drama: the rest of it carries out as too grown-up whereas the first version was child-like throughout the movie. Only Eve remains childish; the other characters are too millennial, too adult. A joke is told about bringing your hookup to a friends’ brunch. Funny, sure, for New Girl . Awkward for Life-Size  when you think the audience is a bunch of kids. The first movie wouldn’t have this humor or thrill of impressing twentysomething and thirtysomething millennials.

You feel like, “Decide who your audience is!” When you try to impress everyone, you don’t impress anyone. 

Some things should stay in the past. The early 2000’s had a sweet quality to Disney and ABC produced tween/teen material. Anyone remember that movie about the Connecticut girl trading places with a look-a-like teen supermodel? HAHA

Seeing Eve returning to a child or teen girl, with innnocence, would have worked. This movie doesn’t because it, like the heroine canceling the Eve doll, forgot who Eve really is. A little girl’s BFF.  I’m a big Tyra fan and love the original but no. Sad saying so!