Filmmaking TIp #4: Keep a Diary

The first is pretty much done.

The second part of this tip? Don’t hold back.

Write a physical diary, a crazy book like Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” burn book, or keep a secret Wordpress blog. Have a Gmail account only you read. Spill your guts into what you write.

Whenever I meet playwrights, authors, or filmmakers, the first piece of advice they dish out is “diary!” Or “journal!” to sound a little manlier. You will write down how you feel about life, stuff troubling you, what you did today, dumb errands, all of it. I want you to some time from now, look into this and use everything you wrote combined together into one good short or feature length film.

You won’t have problems worrying about what to write when your material is staring you back in the face. Your diary is personal. Nobody is there to laugh at you! When I began diarying, I was scared about what others might think if someone stumbled upon it. At this point, that fear is gone–and it’s really helped.