Review: "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia," Season 3

Another spoiler-free review!

Wow, can you believe I’m done watching all three seasons of this show? Somehow, I ran across the marathon finish line without my glasses prescription worsening with all that TV. Success!!!!!!!

In thinking about what the central message of the whole show is tying it all together, was it Monsters? Yeah, technically. Try every children’s show made from 1970 onwards. Scooby-Doo invented animated monsters for the mass audience.

No, it’s love. And how odd finding it in a children’s show. Love for your parents. Or a father figure filling the void, as we see in the high school mean guy who is deep in his heart a nice guy, telling his stepdad so. Our lead guy Jim’s love for his own single mom doing it all and his girlfriend Claire. Or Claire overlooking Jim’s new transformation at the finale. Jim doing crazy stuff to save everyone. Love for your best friend. A man alternating between monster and human who loves Jim’s mom!

Lately, my goal was pumping up this diary with some more info in my reviews. What is my big rule, everyone? As a filmmaker, composer, or both if you do both, we all need to be out there throwing our personalities into the universe. If not, people get the wrong idea(s) about us.

When you don’t put your image out there, people decide for you who you are. My sitcom as life storyline people decided for me from the time I was about 15 years old: “She likes every guy she ever shakes hands with.” “She wants my boyfriend/husband!” I couldn’t ask a classmate to borrow a pen in my college classrooms. Classmates’ girlfriends clutched their boyfriends, or a guy interpreted any classroom move as a play on him! A male classmate told me we couldn’t eat lunch again because people might think we were dating. He wishes. A****** top notch mistreatment, right? Meeting young guys I always felt like, “Today, will I get accused of liking him, will he claim I liked him and he rejected me, or will he act like I have an incurable disease because I could hit on him? I hate being a girl.”

Social media gives you the opportunity to change that. Your website. YouTube. Any interview you ever do sets the record straight. People should love you for who you are, or hate you for who you are. Never the image others created in their minds.

Señor Del Toro lets us into his heart so well. I’d like to share with you friends out there this little video clip of him singing en español where you sense, “This is a really good guy under that shy ‘tude. Sweet like the characters he writes.”

Haha, remind me to pull that out one day. No, not want. Will. Absolutely! My excuse though?!? “I’m Mexican” won’t fly. Need to come up with one because I’m from Chicago. :D We don’t serenade folks up there.

OK, friends. Who does that fellow remind you of? Our lead Trollhunter, Jim Lake. Yes!

I could show you, like in my Trollhunters Season 2 review, any video promoting the show. My decision in selecting that clip was revealing the big difference in TV/film material when someone writes with his/her heart about himself/herself. I watch many films. Many animated works. When someone sits down and pours out what he wishes he could tell the world disguised in a children’s story, it becomes a sentimental message to the viewers.

For a comparison, think about people’s complaints with the Suicide Squad film. People loved the Joker and Harley Quinn love story. The rest, not one bit. Critics and fans were pretty brutal online ripping apart the movie. A good story has to have you in part of it.

Was he Jim Lake when he was in school, staring at a Claire type classmate who didn’t, like episode 1 of season 1, know Jim existed? You wonder what in this series is real. Yeah, he didn’t have a troll staying over pretending to be a Japanese foreign exchange student. What part of his soul is carved into Trollhunters?

Season 3 of Trollhunters sees a recurring character die. Beautiful icicle caverns. Lights. Neon. Amazing animation once again.

The voiceover acting, because the real Jim died, is done by Emile Hirsch. Thank goodness for Jim being a fictional high school student, or this would be weird. Jim’s vocal change sounds like puberty hard at work. Laugh all you will, as a husky voiced female humanoid, the Brady Bunch episode about “time to change!” puberty voice changes was relatable. Hahah, a few lucky girls get a dose of testosterone injected in their vocal cords at puberty. You guys aren’t exclusive to the “change.”

You wonder if Mr. Del Toro healed himself at all or had nostalgic moments during the book and/or TV series process. Writing about things, or seeing them materialized in moving images, frees you. I’m speaking from personal experience here. Me writing real statements said about myself in the O Girl of a Dream scene where the stuff people think of her flashes in her head freed me from the negativity for the rest of my life. Nothing else did.

I wish I could ask Mr. Del Toro what in creating this show and its assorted characters helped him get past something bugging him for eternity. Without knowing his personal life story, I’m unsure if he ever felt he missed a father figure like Jim, struggled to get girls to notice him, felt like a loser in some classes, couldn’t tell his mom about what he and pals were up to, liked sneaking out on a Vespa, what was his story? What were his insecurities and successes we see the students have?

The poor city is getting attacked again. Arcadia is having two other Netflix shows made about monsters running through town. Time will tell if the next shows are as fun as this was.

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